VIDEO: Late-night laughs: Hillary Clinton E-mail Edition

 Posted: 2:52 am EDT
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Via PostTV

Hillary Clinton caused controversy after reports revealed she used a private e-mail account during her time as secretary of state. Late-night hosts Jon Stewart, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon couldn’t resist a few jokes at her expense.


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Burn Bag: CA Bureau’s Biggest Problems — Washington Post and Diplopundit, Really?

Via Burn Bag:

“CA management feels the biggest problem facing CA are leaks to the Washington Post (old news) and comments on Diplopundit (new excuse).  So much for actually addressing real problems.”

No Way. Really?






WaPo’s State Dept Apple Pie Contest News: It’s a Good Thing Cypress Did Not Win

WaPo’s Bonnie S. Benwick wrote about the apple pie contest at the State Department timed for the 4th of July celebration last week. Quick excerpt:

Apple pie contests are pretty gosh-darned all-American, which is one reason why the State Department decided to make it a feature at its Fourth of July celebration this evening. Post Food critic Tom Sietsema’s one of the three judges, and we hear that Libya is among the 15 countries who are competing for top honors. They’ve had about a month to work on their dishes, some of which are being made by embassy chefs/representatives and even ambassadors’ wives.

(For the record, “Libyan apple pie” gets zero Google hits.)

Other nations who accepted the invitation to compete: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cypress, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Read in full here. 

Follow-up post with the winners in Apple pie, diplomatically interpreted (with photos)!

First place: Belgium
Second place: United Kingdom
Third place: Hungary

Sorry, Cypress did not make the cut; and that’s a good thing, too.

Domani Spero