Wanted: Photo of the Day Submissions

One of our more popular posts in this blog are the Photo of the Day (POTD) entries. Perhaps because as Ivan Turgenev wrote, “A picture shows [me] at a glance what it takes dozens of pages of a book to expound.”

We get a few suggestions occasionally, but most days it is just us with eyeballs falling off our sockets going through photos in embassy photo galleries, Facebook or Flickr accounts. Here’s where you can help if you have the time and the interest — help us select the photos that deserve more attention.  Just a few quick guidelines:

PHOTOS: Must be Interesting! Good interesting  or bad interesting is up to you but public domain photos only from USG sources.  Submitted photos may be from US embassies/consulates, USAID, WH, DOD and other agency photos.  No OGA photos dudes, but say, relevant photos from Agriculture, FCS, CDC, etc. from overseas operations are okay.

HOW to submit:  Email us here: http://www.contactify.com/29ca0 with the link to the photo and we’ll take it from there.  Please do not send us the image/photo file. Because we’re a blog person of all trades and always have our hands full, we would only consider photos publicly available online. If you are the embassy’s webmaster or social media ninja and have multiple suggestions, you need not send us individual links, just send us the link to the specific collection or set, and we’ll take a look.

WHAT else? Let us know if you want to be credited for the photo submission or if you want to remain anonymous. A brief note why you think it would make for an interesting POTD entry would be nice, but not required.  If a photo reminds you of a poem or a song or a quote of wisdom, by all means let us know.

So young and 2079 miles from home.  Mongolian soldiers in Afghanistan during their national day celebration
(Photo via ISAF)

Looking forward to the photos!

Domani Spero