US Embassy London Lowers Flag at Grosvenor Square as It Prepares to Move to #33NineElmsLane

Posted: 12:39 pm PT



Ambassador Robert W. Johnson IV Assumes Post at U.S. Embassy London

Posted: 1:02 am  ET
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Ambassador Johnson’s recent predecessors include¬†Matthew W. Barzun¬†(2013 ‚Äď 2017);¬†Louis B. Susman¬† (2009-2013);¬†Robert Holmes Tuttle¬† (2005-2009) and¬†William Farish¬†(2001-2004). Below is a¬†look back at some former incumbents of the position of¬†Ambassador to the Court of St James‚Äôs¬†prepared at the start of Ambassador Barzun’s tenure in 2013:

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