AFSA Elections 2013: Unofficial Results, Asada Defeats Hicks

—By Domani Spero

AFSA ballots and candidate statements were mailed on April 15, 2013.  On June 6, the ballots were counted.  Since most of the elected positions were unopposed, the only results not previously known were those of the State VP, State Rep and Retiree Rep. We have the unofficial results for the State VP and Retiree Representive races (confirmed by two sources), but do not know as yet the results of the State Representative race.  We will update this post when the official results are released by AFSA.

Probably the big news in this race is that Gregory Hicks, the former DCM of US Embassy Tripoli who was called a Benghazi “whistleblower” by the Oversight Committee failed in his quest to represent the Foreign Service. The winner of the State VP race is Matthew K. Asada, a “fourth generation Japanese-American and third generation public servant from Detroit. “ He joined the Foreign Service in 2003 and is currently an entry-level Career Development Officer.  He was first elected AFSA State Representative in 2011.


Robert Silverman * (unopposed)

Robert F. Ritchie * (unopposed)

Charles A. Ford *  (unopposed)

State VP: 3 Candidates/1 Elected Position
Matthew K. Asada (elected)
Gregory N. Hicks *
Donald L. Moore

Sharon Wayne (unopposed)

Steve Morrison (unopposed)

David Mergen (unopposed)

Retiree VP:
Lawrence Cohen * (unopposed)

USAID Rep (2):
Jason Singer (unopposed)

FCS Rep (1):
Barbara Lapini (unopposed)

FAS Rep (1):
No candidate

IBB Rep (1):
Andre de Nesnera (unopposed)

State Reps (11):  15 Candidates/11 Elected Positions (don’t have results for this)
Clayton Bond *
Andrew Burton
Everett “Alex” Copher *
Tim Corso
Todd Crawford *
Chuck Fee *
David Jea
Kenneth Kero-Mentz *
Elise Mellinger
Ken Reiman
Nancy Rios-Brooks *
Sue Saarnio
Michael D. Thomas *
Lillian Wahl-Tuco *
David Zwach *

Retiree Reps:  8 Candidates/4 Elected Positions
Marshall Adair  (elected)
David Greenlee (elected)
Tex Harris (elected)
Ed Marks (elected)
Barry Friedman *
Stephen Keat *
Chris O’Donnell
Leon Weintraub

(* = member of the iAFSA Coalition slate)