Gifplomacy Explains the Life of French Diplomats, Looks Familiar?

–⨕⨕ Domani Spero

Gifplomacy on Tumblr explains the life of French diplomats through gifs (graphics interchange format). But it’s easily a life familiar to readers of this blog. The gif collection includes this darling polar bear showing what it feels like when you come back from a mission. Ever had one of those days?


Below is another gif from the collection showing exactly what it feels like when the ambassador asks you to fight against rumors in the local media.  Feeling much like Hans Solo?  Blow haaarder!


And when an agreement is finally reached on a UN Security Council resolution, here is what French diplomats look like. Did ours do this after the Iran deal? We’d like proof in gif, please.

The folks running Gifplomacy and @francediplo_EN missed  Scotty’s gif with his “The best diplomat I know is a fully activated phaser bank” for good reasons.  But here’s Mister Spock (via), and his version of diplomacy of a peculiar kind.  Best not give folks some ideas but if you must, set phasers to “stun.”

Via Giphy

Via Giphy

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