Goodbye 2016: Our Most-Read Blog Posts of the Year #YearInReview

Posted: 10:24 pm PT
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H.R. 6271: New Bill Lengthens Diplomatic Assignments From 2-3 Years to 4-6 Years | Oct 1, 2016

Trump Transition Help Wanted: 4,000 Presidential Appointees (Updated) | Nov 9. 2016

Photo of the Day: The Room Numbers on His Arm | July 29. 2016

Why Are DS Agents Fleeing Diplomatic Security In Droves For the U.S. Marshals Service? | Oct 4. 2016

@StateDept Awards Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) 2 Contracts | Feb 29. 2016

Trump Transition: Agency Landing Team For @StateDept Includes Old Familiar Names | Nov 20.2016

Next Generation U.S. Passport To Roll Out in 2016, No More Additional Page Insert Starting Jan 1, 2016  Apr 28.2015

A Joke That Wasn’t, and a State Department Dialogue That Is Long Overdue | Aug 15, 2016

Is Diplomatic Security, the State Department’s Law Enforcement Arm Trying to Break the Law? | Oct 14.2016

New @StateDept Authorization Bill Includes 3-Year Pilot Program For Lateral Entry Into the Foreign Service | Apr 29.2016

New Danger Pay Differential Posts: See Gainers, Plus Losers Include One Post on Evacuation Status | Sep 14.2015

Why Did Diplomatic Security Compile a Short-List of DS Agents Leaving For the U.S. Marshals Service? | Oct 17.2016

Top Hardship Assignments in the Foreign Service | July 14.2009

First Person: I did everything right. I filed a report the next business day … #FSassault | Nov 22.2016

First Person: I am a ✂️ FSO who was ✂️ raped in ✂️… Continuing on has been ✂️ incredibly difficult… | Nov 21.2016

Chien v. Kerry: DS Agent Files Suit For Race/Sex Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment, and Retaliation | Sep 12.2016

Benghazi: Where the hell were the Marines? Yo! Half our embassies have no Marines | Oct 26.2012

AmConGen Dhahran’s 7 Second-Video Freaks Out Folks Who Do Not Get the Foreign in the Foreign Service | Jun 20.2016

Foreign Service Members Offer Candid Views of @StateDept Mental Health Services (via FSJ) | Jan 7.2016

USAID: That time when an employee wrote to Rajiv Shah and said, “Do us a favor and quit…” #ClintonEmails | Jan 29.2016