Tales from a Small Planet Announces New Executive Director, Director of Social Media

Posted: 12:09 pm EDT
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Tales From a Small Planet
‘s chair of the Board of Directors, Francesca Kelly and its outgoing Executive Director, Victoria Hess announced the selection of Leslie M. Jensen as its new executive director and Ásgeir Sigfússon as Director of Social Media.

Tales from a Small Planet, a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization and premier expat resource website, has announced the selection of Leslie M. Jensen as its new executive director. Leslie will fill the vacancy created by Victoria H. Hess, long-time Executive Director and Board Member. The selection was made following a worldwide search and selection process, during which Leslie stood out for her extensive background in sales and enthusiasm for all things expat.

Leslie’s resume includes over 10 years of sales and business development in a wide range of sectors from banking to Internet technology, and she is currently a small business owner navigating the intermittently challenging task of operating a small business while living abroad.

Tales from a Small Planet is also thrilled to announce the addition of Ásgeir Sigfússon as Director of Social Media. Outside of volunteering with Tales, Ásgeir’s paying job is with the American Foreign Service Association, where he is the Director of New Media. He has many years of experience within the Foreign Service/expat world, and also brings a deep understanding of engaging audiences through social and other online media. Ásgeir is originally from Iceland, and definitely considers himself an expat.

Talesmag.com offers expats the unique opportunity to share information about experiences abroad, expat to expat. Our Real Post Reports and Real School reports offer a “one stop shop” for the information expat families need in order to make informed decisions when choosing the next adventure.


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Tales From a Small Planet Needs New Blood, Now Volunteers Needed!


‘Tales From a Small Planet’ Needs New Blood, Now Volunteers Needed!

Posted: 1:42 am EDT
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We’re passing along a note from Francesca Kelly, one of the founders of Tales from a Small Planet, the  unofficial bidding destination for members of the Foreign Service and the expat community members with relocation in their minds.  She writes, “I know that I’m nearing my expiration date as an effective leader simply because I’ve been around too long! … We need some new blood at Tales.”

I should also add that Francesca is a freelance writer and was the website’s editor-in-chief from 1999 to 2003. You might like to read one memorable piece she did,  The Eighteen Cups: A Foreign Service Fable.  Francesca has lived in Milan, Leningrad, Moscow, Belgrade, Vienna, Ankara and Rome. She is the spouse of Ambassador Ian C. Kelly, the ambassador-designate to Georgia. And hey! A few years ago, she was with  Alex Trebek on Jeopardy.

Tales from a Small Planet was created at the turn of the millennium by a group of U.S. Foreign Service spouses who had previously collaborated on the “Spouses’ Underground Newsletter” (SUN).

Volunteers Needed!

Tales from a Small Planet, the first comprehensive web resource for expats, is seeking new volunteers to take it the next step. Critical positions to be filled include Executive Director, Social Media Director, and several Board members.

When bidding season rolls around, Tales from a Small Planet, at www.talesmag.com, is the website people visit first to research potential assignments. Our Real Post Reports have helped thousands find answers to what it’s like to live in cities from Abuja to Zagreb.

Will you need a 4WD vehicle? Where do Americans live? Tales from a Small Planet gets more than 75,000 individual page views every month from people asking questions like these. And our Real School Reports provide even more detailed answers about schools at post.

In short, ever since Tales was founded as a non-profit 501(c)3 organization in 2001, we’ve helped a lot of people find information about life abroad.  Perhaps we’ve even helped you!

Now Tales needs your help. We’re looking for a few smart, thoughtful and action-oriented people to join our staff and our board in volunteer positions that add up to only a few hours a month. You may not get paid, but you do get a spiffy title to stick on your resume, some great experience, and the chance to help a worthwhile cause.  Please contact volunteer@talesmag.com for more information about the following open staff and board positions:

Staff Openings

Executive Director

Social Media Director

Board openings:

About a half-dozen positions open. Staff and board meetings take place online, through email discussions and occasional virtual chats.