@StateDept to Rebrand Some Economic Officers as “Digital Economy Officers”

Posted: 11:25 pm PT
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We are familiar with ICT which stands for International Crimes Tribunal and ICT for Information and Communication Technologies for Section 508 accessibility but we just learned that the State Department also has econ officers who are referred to apparently as “ICT officers.”  Some posts have Environment, Science and Technology officers but pardon for asking  — isn’t info and comm technology just one part of an econ officer’s portfolio overseas?  Are there folks actually called ICT officers?  In any case, if there are, they will now be rebranded as “digital economy officers.”

Via state.gov:

Economic officers in our embassies around the world are today working hard to advance U.S. interests as the digital economy expands and to ensure the proliferation of technology contributes to global prosperity and our national security. However, those responsibilities are shifting in shape and growing in importance and impact almost as quickly as the underlying technologies themselves. And we are responding to that challenge.

To start off, we formerly referred to our officers managing these issues in our embassies and consulates as “ICT officers.” But this term doesn’t reflect how critical their work is to the economy overall. As a result, we are rebranding our ICT officers as “digital economy officers” to better reflect the scope and depth of the work that they need to do in markets abroad.