US Embassy Malta Gets a Viral Video But — Not the Kind You Want

— By Domani Spero

It happened last Saturday, August 24 in the island of Malta.  Somebody was in a flat in Sliema when there was a “USA vs Malta street argument.”  YouTube user jakovids filmed the incident and uploaded it to Youtube with the following note: “…some maltese driver refuses to reverse to make space for this American… next thing you know he’s out the car wanting to fight!”  The video posted on August 24 has now gone “viral” with 107,257 views.

WARNING: video contains explicit language

On August 26, the US Embassy in Malta made the following statement on its FB page:

The U.S. Embassy deplores the conduct shown in the video. We regret such inexcusable behavior, whether on the part of an American citizen, or those of any other nationality. We strongly believe that everyone should be treated with respect and courtesy on the roads and in the streets of our towns and villages. We’re all in this together.

On August 27, the  Times of Malta reported that the US embassy has refused to confirm or deny whether an American man seen verbally assaulting a Maltese driver in an online video is a member of its staff.

On August 28, the US Embassy has reportedly admitted that the American in the video is an embassy employee.  “The US Embassy can confirm that the subject of this video was an embassy employee who has since departed,” the embassy said in a statement cited by The Times of Malta.

According to news reports, the U.S. Embassy also said Wednesday that the unidentified employee “did not comport with the standards of behavior that we expect from all embassy personnel.”

The statement is not available on the embassy’s website or the mission’s social media sites as of this writing.


Mystery Playboy: Consul General Behaving Badly – Just Stop Already!

The Consul General in a constituent post in Country X carried on with the consulate’s instructor then made her life miserable after they broke up — all without informing Mission management of this relationship with a subordinate.  As the CG apparently thinks his only job is to be a “playboy,” he delegated the running of the consulate to a “tyrannical” subordinate officer.

Quick quiz here:

Consensual relationship policy applies even to playboys
True or False

Several people curtailed
True or False

Embassy Front Office, nice folks but dysfunctional
True or False

The OIG has ignored all complaints about these problems
True or False

When one complains to the OIG’s hotline, they refer the complaints to the regional bureau! (exclamation point not mine)
True or False

The Project On Government Oversight (POGO) accept calls at (202) 347-1122 and complaints here but advises that you do not use government phone, fax or computer.
True or False

When everything else fails — Al Kamen, the top afflictor of official Washington since 1993 entertains emails at and at
True or False

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Now you, sir — over there – need to leave that girl alone.

If you have not read the consensual relationship policy see 3 FAM 1527(d)) ASAP.   The policy as we understand it was set up to avoid: (1) an appearance of impropriety; (2) creation of doubt regarding a supervisor’s objectivity: (3) actual or perceived preferential treatment; and (4) adverse effect on office morale and efficiency.  In addition, the policy is designed to avoid “relationships [that] may lead to allegations of sexual harassment.”

😯  … um, yes, we’re watching you.

Domani Spero