We’re not buying a plane, but we do need your help :-)


We’ve been putting this off for as long as we could. Our last fundraising was done the year before last from May 10-July 20, 2017. That funding ran out at the end of May 2018. We have not done a fundraising since then, so we’ve been in a hole for the last year.

We’re not about to splurge on a private plane after we splurge on unlimited coffee, but we do need your help :-).  This year we’re going to attempt to raise $40K for 60 days from June 5 to August 5. This would fund the blog from August 2019 – August 2020. We don’t want funding to start before that as we have some obligations to attend to. and blogging could be light to nothing for at least a few weeks this summer.

If we don’t make our goal, that probably is our signal to exit. The blog will then stop updating in August 2020. If we do make more than our goal, we will apply any amount beyond our goal to our funding for the following year.

We are looking forward to  hanging around a bit longer on this watch, but our ability to do that depends on the generosity of blog friends and readers. We know this year has not been particularly easy for many people, but if you are able to help us keep this blog going for another year, we’d appreciate your support.

Please see our GFM page here: https://www.gofundme.com/help-fund-the-blog-diplopundit-2019.



DISCLAIMER: For over a decade, Diplopundit has covered the goings on in ‘Foggy Bottom’ and the ‘worldwide available’ universe. Note that this blog has no/no official connection with the U.S. Department of State, the Foreign Service, or any other branch of the U.S. Government.

NOTE:  For first time donors using GoFundMe, here is a list of FAQs for you: https://www.gofundme.com/questions .  For donors who do not want to display their names on the campaign page and want to make their donations anonymous, this one’s for you:



It’s March 11, We’re Officially 11 Going on 12, Curious as Ever, But Sadly Funny No Mooo

We must admit, we are losing our sense of humor. Your blogger regrets this deeply. Inevitably as the years go by, we start losing familiar people and things — loved ones succumb to age or go off on their own adventures. We part with cherished objects and pets. Sometimes when we lose an old friend, we don’t even get to say goodbye. So goodbye, E, a lovely and exceptional human being who enjoyed the written words; may you rest in peace in a heaven filled with books.

Last year, your blogger also said goodbye to an old house. And to an old garden that kept one sane. We bid farewell to the familiar hundred-year-old red cedar tree that stood watch over our backyard. But we had moved many times before; one become accustomed to taking leave of familiar places and homes and to settling into new ones. One gets used ti taking leave of old friends and finding new ones. However, these recurring and often sad transitions are not what is make us lose our sense of humor.

Dr. Web told us that the loss of humor could be an indication of the road to dementia. Alrighty, so advised. But we are not taking that road.  No. No. No. Thank you very much, we are in full possession of our faculties.  We may be losing old friends and and at least temporarily, a sense of place, but we have not yet damaged  our brain cells, people.

We are simply having issues with laughing, especially laughing out loud. Life is freaking funny, but we want it “funny ha-ha” like the way it used to be, not “funny kill me now” the way it often seems to be these days.  We’re hoping that ours is only a temporary affliction brought on by our current national circumstances and by the wretchedness  in our daily discourse.

This year, we can’t promise you the funnies, or even that we may become wiser as the year goes by. We do promise you that we’ll keep trying to do both, even if we may not always be successful. This blog began during the last year of Secretary Rice’s tenure, spanned the entire tenures of Secretaries Clinton and Kerry, and through the long, dark and stormy 423 Tillerson days.  And now we are right smack in the Swagger Era. And who knows how long this will last.

This ride is making even mellow bloggers cranky.  So let’s chew on eleven but onward to year 12. We hope you’ll keep us company even if, like us, you just want to be bewitched at times, like Rip Van Winkle in the old-growth forests of the Catskills.

Note: For new dot-gov and related readers who are just getting acquainted with this blog, please read the plain print:  this blogger does not/does not work for the secretary of state or any government-funded entity. This blog is supported by a few ads and donations from generous readers. We conduct public discourse as a private citizen.  And as always, any take down notice will be published in full.



A Nest in the Woods (Far From Crazytown With Bats in the Belfry)

Hello there! We thought we’d be back to full time blogging before now but life happens. Short-short story, we found a new nest (yep! no more temp housing) but amidst the search, a loved one also had some medical issue that required surgery and  recuperation. We’re good now and things are almost normal again but it’s been awhile. Thanks to blog pals who had checked on us and kept us in the loop even when we were not always able to respond or respond timely. And thanks to blog readers who continue to visit even when our blog posts have been boringly sporadic.

Lots of stuff apparently happened. Now Bob Woodward’s book, Fear: Trump in the White House will be out tomorrow. So Crazytown, D.C. will have a large flock of bats in the belfry! Duck and cover in the forecast.

Lordy, this summer was all bananas, what hope is there for fall?

Photo by Noel McShane via Pexels


We’ve updated our privacy policy, please have a look

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy here, please take a look. The update reflects the newest updates from WordPress, our enterprise host and its implementation of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation that recently took effect. Note the discussion on cookies and what to do if you want to opt out. Subscribers to this blog are also able to unfollow it at any time; the link for that is included in the footer of the follow emails. You may also email us and we can remove you from all future mailings.


So Hey, We’re Off to See the Wizard – Permanent Return TBD

We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz. We hear he is a whiz of a wiz. If ever a wiz there was …


As some of you know, this blog will be on a semi-hiatus after April 1st with only sporadic posts over the next few months.  We’re moving out of the house and looking for a new place. We are currently scheduled to go into temporary housing and may not be in permanent housing until sometime this summer. Maybe. Earlier, if we get lucky.  Nothing to be concerned about.  This has been a long planned move that we thought would happened in 2017 but didn’t.  We’re packing our own stuff and we’re currently drowning in large and medium Home Depot boxes. It turns out that despite excellent multi-tasking skills, packing boxes and blogging do not actually mix well.

Your blogger will be on unsettled schedule for a while. Hoping that the hiatus will be short and painless but knowing that may not be the case. The blog has been around for ten years now, so maybe it’s a good time to reassess the mission. Or decamp to The Wicked Wasabi so I can get some real sleep while I raise laughing chickens with colored eggs in a farm, hey? Or you know, cartoonists and lawyers seem to be the only folks having the time of their lives these days … so that, too … but anyway, the break could help me think through what to do with the blog in the future and the hows of it.

I’ve been around a bit to recognize that things are not quite well, and I know I would feel bad giving up this watch at this time.  But perhaps this is just me suffering from separation anxiety, right? Where does that put me in Abe Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?

Some of you have been with this blog since the beginning, so  know that your feedback and input are always appreciated.  I’ll be checking emails and Twitter periodically but apologies in advance if response time lags a little. Now take care and be kind to each other.




The Daily Démarche: Diplocats Can Hold Their Tongues in 10 Languages! #NoMueller

It’s Wednesday, and we almost forgot The Daily Démarche! Diplocats Can Hold Their Tongues in 10 Languages features a proud, sleepy kitty who is not in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s crosshairs. Real diplomats can hold their tongues in 10 different languages. And no visit to a bar can change that. A fantastic gift to diplomats and natsec friends who can carry their liquor and know better than blab over drinks in a bar.


The Daily Démarche: Reorganization, the Solution in Search of a Prooooblem

A red, white and blue stars and stripes design with the words “Reorganization: the solution in search of a problem.” Available in five colors including fiery red. Apparently, a needed apparel for those subjected to the Feds reorganization from the State Department, Interior, EPA, to … ay caramba, who knows where else?


The Daily Démarche: Diplocat Worries That Nuclear War Is Just One Tantrum Away

We’ve decided that we’re going to be a t-shirt designer when we grow up … well, unless we get blown up intentionally or accidentally before then. So for today and every Wednesday until you know … a new design obsession for the Daily Démarche. This one features a black and white cat worried that nuclear war is just one tantrum away. Nah, this isn’t about Trump’s nukes or the reported bigger button. Or about the guy who grabbed them by the meow meow and … pardon me?  No, no, just a really worried kitty expressing ALARM!   Look at these sleepless eyes!  Appropriate apparel for cat people and, well, the rest of humanity against nukes. Also would make a blasted fantastic but dark gift for the 535 elected representatives in Congress.  Available via Amazon in five sunny colors for a limited time because dark colors would be so wretchedly grim, right Jeff? What? We shouldn’t give up our day job yet?