Snapshot: Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visa Ineligibilities FY2020*


Via, partial stats on IV and NIV ineligibilities by Grounds for Refusal Under the Immigration and Nationality Act) Fiscal Year 2020*
The full document is available here (PDF).

3 Listed total ineligibility findings pursuant to the 2017 E.O. on Immigration are not directly comparable to refusal counts provided in the Department of State’s Quarterly/Monthly Report of Implementation of Presidential Proclamation (P. P.) 9645. Refusal statistics in the Quarterly/Monthly Reports do not include applications subsequently issued, and are reported cumulatively from December 8, 2017, the date of full P. P. 9645 implementation, through the end of the stated reporting period, rather than by fiscal year as in the table above. Counts of monthly new subject applications provided in the Quarterly/Monthly Reports include not only applications found ineligible on P. P. 9645-grounds, as above, but also those issued pursuant to an exception or waiver or refused on non-P. P. 9645 grounds. President Biden signed PP 10141 on January 20, 2021, ending the travel restrictions under P. P. 9645.