@StateDept’s Administrative Payments FY2018-FY2020 Via Judgment Fund

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Judgment Fund pays court judgments and compromise settlements of lawsuits against the government. Federal agencies may ask the Bureau of the Fiscal Service to pay from the Judgment Fund for:
  • Most court judgments and Justice Department settlements of actual or imminent litigation against the government
  • Administrative claim awards (settlements by agencies at the administrative level, not involving a lawsuit)
In most cases, the agency does not have to reimburse the Judgment Fund. However, reimbursement is required when the case comes under either the Contract Disputes Act or the No FEAR Act. Below is a list of administrative payments from the Judgement Fund for the State Department. Majority of the description says tort claims in unnamed foreign countries related to traffic. The amount of payment ranges from $2,914.77 to $36,000. We will have a separate post for litigative payments. 

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