Tracking COVID-19 Cases at State Department and Foreign Service Posts (Updated)

Updated: March 22, 9:41 PDT

To-date, the State Department has not been forthcoming about COVID-19 cases among employees and family members.  Except for Pompeo’s quip at a presser on March 17  “We’ve had a couple of employees – count them on one hand – who have positive tests” we don’t have any idea how many employees and family members have actually been infected, how many have recovered from the virus, or even how many were tested, or how many have been medically evacuated for COVID-19. The total number we have heard is significantly higher than the one we have below.
On US Mission Geneva cases, we learned of two confirmed positive cases on March 13. Today, we learned from a second source that there are three confirmed COVID-19 cases at post.
Unlike State, DOD has been able to provide regular updates on its COVID-19 cases.  According to DOD, as of 7 p.m. on March 19, the U.S. Army has 45 cases of COVID-19, including 21 soldiers, six civilians, eight family members and 10 contractors.
We’re calling on the State Department to provide similar updates on COVID-19 status of personnel and family members.
Below is our effort to put together a public list of posts and cases as well as posts under quarantined around the Foreign Service. This is not an exhaustive list and we hope to update this as we learn more. Except for cases confirmed by host government or by an FS post’s public statement, all cases listed below came via tips and blog sources.
We have not asked the State Department to officially confirm the numbers below as it has a standing policy of not responding to this blog. However, since we are in a pandemic, if the State Department would like to give us or reporters covering Foggy Bottom an official count, we would be happy to update these numbers.




Updated: March 22, 2020



Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 1+ (AMB) Confirmed 3/22/2020
Via Twitter
Burkina Faso Ouagadougou UNK (staffers) Quarantined
Affected staffers
Via Twitter
Jamaica Kingston 1 (FSN) Individual return from the UK

Confirmed by GOJ

Kingston 14 (staffers) Self-Quarantined
/Post statement
Switzerland USMission Geneva 1 (USDH) Internal source
USMission Geneva 1 (FSN) Internal source
US Mission Geneva 1 (UNK) Internal source
South Africa Pretoria 1 (AMB + family) Self-quarantined

Via Twitter

Israel Tel Aviv Staffers (UNK) Self-Quarantined due to infected visa applicant
/Post statement
Spain Madrid 6 (staffers and family members Internal source
Afghanistan Kabul 1(UNK) External source
Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa 1 (UNK) Internal source
Pakistan Islamabad 1+ (UNK) Confirmed
/2 unofficial sources
Islamabad 1 (UNK) Suspected Case
/1 unofficial source
Islamabad 10 (UNK) Under quarantined





Via Twitter


1 (FSN)

Internal source