Open Hearings Week #2: Williams, Vindman, Volker, Morrison, Sondland, Cooper, Hale, Hill, Holmes


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Thursday, November 21

  • WH/NSC: Fiona Hill, Fiona Hill, Former Senior Director for Europe and Russia
  • State/FSO David Holmes, Political Counselor, US Embassy Kyiv, Ukraine

Wednesday, November 20 – 9AM ET

  • State/USEU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, Political Ambassador to the USEU Mission

Wednesday, November 20 2:30 PM ET

  • DOD/Laura Cooper: Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia
  • State/P: David Hale, Under Secretary for Political Affairs, State Department

Tuesday, November 19, 2:30PM ET

  • State/Kurt Volker: Former US Special Envoy to Ukraine
  • WH/NSC: Tim Morrison, National Security Council Russia and Europe Adviser


Tuesday, November 19 – 9AM ET

  • WH/VPOTUS: FSO Jennifer Williams, Aide to Vice President Mike Pence

  • WH/NSC: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Ukraine Adviser