Amb Bill Burns Calls Pompeo “Derelict in His Duty,” Candidate For Worst SecState Reacts Predictably


Mike Pompeo was always the White House’s man in Foggy Bottom, not the other way around. His words and actions are a reflection of that reality, never mind the spin. And as the impeachment inquiry heats up, Mr. Pompeo has also become more insulting to folks with brains (see Mike Pompeo Insults Reporters Who Ask Questions He Doesn’t Like #OhGoodness!). And now he’s gone on to accusing Ambassador Bill Burns of auditioning for his job in a future Warren administration.
Ambassador Burns who served honorably over three decades as a career diplomat recently penned a piece on “The Demolition of U.S. Diplomacy” Not Since Joe McCarthy Has the State Department Suffered Such a Devastating Blow. Ouch! Instead of addressing the valid criticisms, Mr. Pompeo, you know, a servant of the people,  did the lazy route and just called it “crazy.”
This could be the tipping point in Foggy Bottom when it comes to Swagger Mike, as he is reportedly known, and how many more folks still want to take a selfie with him. “One Team” is a joke when one can protect oneself but seemingly unable or unwilling to protect one’s people. And being an insufferable and embarrassing exemplar of behavior … well, what is there left to say?  Except that State Department folks are extremely lucky they have a shinny new professional ethos to gaze and exhibit, and a “One Team” Award with glass statuettes.
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