GFM: A Few Words From Some Campaign Supporters

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Update via GFM:
We’re getting close to our goal but we’re not there yet. Do we bring out the fireworks or do we bring out the rum? Opps … rum could be subject to tariffs starting September 1.
To the 495 people who came out to support the campaign this last couple of months, thank you. To blog friends who have been tireless in reminding their circles to support our campaign, thank you. Since 2015, you all have made this blog’s continued existence possible.


Below are some of the notes we’ve received from our campaign supporters. We appreciate your taking the time to tell us what the blog means to you. Not surprisingly, these made our eyes water but we got boxes of Kleenex!




“I have family at State and I enjoy the posts.”

“This is my second donation to help reach the goal. Keep shining a light on the truth Diplopundit.”

“I see you are getting close, but just in case this is the end, I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you’ve done to keep us all informed. Your work to get a FAM section on sexual assault, all the OIG reports, and all with just enough snark – thank you!”

“Proud repeat supporter who relies on you to keep an eye on things.”

“Can’t be without your insightful commentary and passing on little publicized DoS happenings.”

“I donated because I think you’re performing a valuable service. Thank you!”

“I’ve been following Diplopundit for years and value the diverse coverage of all things State Department.”

“Someone needs to hold our leaders accountable.”

“In an era when our civil liberties and free speech and dissent of all kind is being maligned and suppressed, this blogger has done a great job of getting important, useful info to us.”

“My colleagues need the information and support you provide. Thanks!”

“Diplopundit is the best way to follow what’s going on at State – and DS has a great sense of humor!”

“I read the blog obsessively.”

“I donated because, although I don’t read your blog regularly, it’s important.”

“You have been a voice for many who don’t feel they have a voice.”

“In the field and at home you provide the information, good and bad, we need on the institution we are a part of. Keep up the great work!”

“Diplopundit does the deep dive I wish I had time for.”

“Been reading you for years. Thank you.”

“Don’t give up the ship!”

“Diplopundit addresses real impactful issues that are often swept under the rug by Main State”

“You write the things I can’t.”

“I donated because I’ve been following and donating. As a retired FS Specialist I am interested in keeping current on the events in the Department of State that you report on.”

“Your blog is keeping me sane.”

“I’m retiring from the FS … Diplopundit has always been there for me with the anti-swagger attitude we need to do our jobs effectively. Thanks for serving us all these years and hope there’s some way your brilliance can continue to delight us.”

“Diplopundit shares what’s going on in the Department of State, unlike the Department itself.”

“I donated because your blog is indispensable in these desperate times!”

“Diplopundit provides insights into Foreign Service life that I don’t find elsewhere. And I appreciate its sharp, yet humorous tone.”

“Love diplopundit! No one else reports on (and refutes/confirms) the rumint that can affect our careers. You help people in the institution learn more about those we serve and each other. Invaluable!”

“This is a unique and vital voice in our world.”