A Nest in the Woods (Far From Crazytown With Bats in the Belfry)

Hello there! We thought we’d be back to full time blogging before now but life happens. Short-short story, we found a new nest (yep! no more temp housing) but amidst the search, a loved one also had some medical issue that required surgery and  recuperation. We’re good now and things are almost normal again but it’s been awhile. Thanks to blog pals who had checked on us and kept us in the loop even when we were not always able to respond or respond timely. And thanks to blog readers who continue to visit even when our blog posts have been boringly sporadic.

Lots of stuff apparently happened. Now Bob Woodward’s book, Fear: Trump in the White House will be out tomorrow. So Crazytown, D.C. will have a large flock of bats in the belfry! Duck and cover in the forecast.

Lordy, this summer was all bananas, what hope is there for fall?

Photo by Noel McShane via Pexels