Thank you, merci, grazie, ve teşekkürler arkadaşlar 💙 💛 ❤️ 💚 💜


The Wheat Field With Cypresses below is Van Gogh’s (the Google Art Project is amazing!).  The snippet is the first four lines of Emily Dickenson’s “It’s all I have to bring today”, a poem of grace and devotion.

It’s all I have to bring today—
This, and my heart beside—
This, and my heart, and all the fields—
And all the meadows wide—

Some of you have been with us for years, some of you are new, and some are here because a few have nudged you to support our efforts.   Thank you for thinking of us, and for your enduring support.  We read all your notes and are touched.   Gotta admit, we’re not particularly good at asking, so launching and updating the fundraising campaign are always anxiety and procrastination-filled moments. That’s all on me. Part of that is growing up, and being taught not to solicit help or gifts even from godparents, even during holidays. We know this is something we need to do to keep the lights on but it’s a weird, conflicted process that we go through every time we do this.

We’ve previously announced that we will be here for another year (there’s a hilarious story about that). We are particularly grateful that you still came out to help make our life a little easier.

Thank you, merci, grazie, ve teşekkürler arkadaşlar.

–D 💙 💛 ❤️ 💚 💜