Once a year, we ask for your help to keep the blog going …

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It’s officially summer, the sun beckons outside for some fun, and for a good number of folks, this is the transfer season, but also a season of worries.  Once a year, we also ask for your help to keep this blog going (see Help Diplopundit Get to Year 10).  We’re going to run our fundraising until July 15.  We hope we can get to our funding goal in the next two weeks and have one less thing to worry about

We do have uncertainties in our small corner of the sky but regardless of fundraising, we wanted to keep this blog going particularly this year. You already know we’re going to be around for another year (our blog year runs until May 2018).  Yes, yes, Willie sings “it’s all going to pot…” and the “world’s gone to hell.” But we’ll be right here and there.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you can help us get to the finish line? Thank you!