Results of @StateDept $1M Organizational Study Reportedly Available via Intranet Today – Yay!

Posted: 3:28 am ET
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The results of the Insigniam survey that was commissioned by the State Department under Secretary Tillerson will reportedly be made available on the Intranet on Wednesday, July 5.  See WSJ’s Felicia Schwartz report below. We’re not sure if the State Department is releasing the full report or a summary report to employees on Wednesday, but be in a lookout for a 110-page report which supposedly includes feedback from 35,386 employees from State and USAID and 300 employee in-person or telephonic interviews.

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3 responses

  1. State Dept. employs extremely intelligent diplomats who are highly compensated. For the same money, the new Administration can employ 10-20 soldiers who would primarily come from sections of the country where manufacturing and mining have died. This paradigm allows the Administration to accomplish two campaign goals: 1) Drain the swamp, and 2) Create jobs. I can’t possibly be the only person thinking this.

    • Thanks for your note. I’m sure you’re not the only person thinking this. However, it would be useful to think clearly the role what soldiers play, and the role of our diplomats in promoting/defending the interest of the United States. There are about 8,000 active duty diplomats deployed worldwide. There are 1,429,995 active soldiers in the U.S.Military. In an increasing dangerous and complicated world, we need diplomats to help keep the peace. Unless, of course, we expect to be at war forever, in which case we won’t need diplomats during wars. Though we need diplomats to negotiate peace. And when we need them, we can’t just pick them from a tree.

      As for “draining the swamp”, I hope you’re talking about lobbyists who gave up their lucrative jobs to um … serve the public, and not the hard working employees sent overseas on our behalf.

      • I was referring to all the campaign rhetoric about “draining the swamp.” It was always a vague statement as far as I could see. Now that the Administration is in charge, it appears the swamp to be drained is our diplomatic corps, not necessarily lobbyists. Disappointing. I do believe the current Administration intends to keep our nation in a perpetual state of war or almost war in order to provide tens of thousands of jobs to young high school grads who have almost no other prospects if they remain in their hometowns. Personally, I find this situation very sad and was hoping when the new Administration promised jobs, that they were really going to implement programs to get real jobs into these communities. I haven’t seen much inclination in this direction. Instead I’m seeing an unnecessary build-up of our military, reduction in our diplomatic relationships, and the continued shipment of jobs out of the country.