Trump Bombs Syria While Hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russia Demands UNSC Meeting

Posted: 4:23 am ET
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Meanwhile in Mar-a-Lago, where President Trump is hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping:


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  1. Seating order matters a lot to the Chinese. So the symmetry of Jared Kushner juxtaposed on the other side with Yang Jiechi says a lot. The other question though is where Foreign Minister Wang Yi was seated and whether Secretary Tillerson had the equivalent seat. (For those unfamiliar, Yang Jiechi is a State Councilor and hence higher than the Foreign Minister in Chinese political terms.) Still the equating of Kushner with Yang says something. Another consideration though is where Tillerson sat in larger plenary meetings and whether he was included in smaller meetings (especially if Kushner was in and Tillerson out).

    • Just wanted to add that the formal plenary meeting Tillerson was to the right of Trump and Mnuchin to the left. Next to Tillerson on the right was Mattis and next to Mnuchin on the left was McMaster. A much better protocol lineup.

  2. I suspect the message that this attack was meant to convey was being sent to Kim rather than Assad — and the timing meant to impress the Chinese with what might well happen if they did not agree to tighten their reigns on NK.