Tillerson Responds to North Korean Missile Launch With a 23-Word Statement 👀

Posted: 12:49 am ET
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  1. Tillerson lacks a team to handle North Korean policy, and missing an Assistant Secretary for East Asian Pacific Affairs is a huge lacuna. He has a top notch Special Representative for North Korea policy in Ambassador Joseph Yun, who is also the DAS for Japan and Korea. The Acting AS, Susan Thornton, is a solid China hand, as is the NSC Senior Director for East Asia, Matt Pottinger. And they make some sense if the North Korea problem is something for the U.S. and China to resolve a la Mar a Lago. But the path to a solution has to run through Seoul, and, of course, the South Koreans are electing a new president on May 9, and Tillerson has no contacts. Ambassador Yun does. Hope Embassy Seoul is allowed to do some reporting on the views of candidates, especially front runner Moon Jae-in and a up and coming challenger in An Cheolsu.