Aww — @StateDept Sends Official Take Down Request For April Fools’ Day Cable

Posted: 9:11 pm ET
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On April 1 at 1:48 pm ET, we posted Inside @StateDept: Leaked Cable Provides Guidance For ‘America First’ Cost Savings Initiatives to celebrate the time honored tradition of April Fools’ Day.

At 2:41 PM, an email was sent to this blog by the State Department’s acting director of press operations Mark Stroh (with courtesy copy to Rasheeda J Clements) with a request that we “immediately take down” the blog post. Apologies, we were out doing errands, and then we watched the most recent episode of “Scandal” so we did not see the two emails until now. But you guys, here is the first request:

From: Mark E Stroh <Stroh**>
cc: Rasheeda J Clements <Clements**>
Saturday, April 1, 2017 at 2:41 PM


You may or may not know that the cable posted at the link below is false, a forgery. This may be an April fool that you all have executed or one that was executed on you but either way we’d ask that you immediately take it down and note with a prominent correction that this was a forgery and not a real cable.

We thank you in advance for your immediate action in this regard.


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At 6:42 PM, a second request was sent asking that post be taken down and that we post a correction “IMMEDIATELY.”  It feels like the Bureau of Public Affairs with its ALL CAPS was shouting at us.  Please stop with the all caps, it hurts our ears!

Email: stroh**
Comment: Diplopundit,

You may or may not know that the supposed State cable you posted today is false. Please take this down and post a correction IMMEDIATELY.

If you have any questions you can reach me at stroh**@state,gov
Time: April 1, 2017 at 6:42 PM
Contact Form URL:
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Dear State Department, it’s one day a year. What happened to your tickle bones?

For the record, on April 1, 2013, we posted this “cable”: State Dept Issues New Guidance for 2013 Fourth of July Embassy Events – More Zombies, Please.  The zombies never complained.  In 2014, we announced a new set of State Department awards: State Department Issues Nomination Call For First Golden Gooseberry Awards.  Neither the State Department nor the Golden Gooseberry awardees complained.

We were asked a while back if we have ever received a take down from the State Department. Never once in the blog’s nine year history. Until now. But we have also penned previously that if we ever received a take down notice, we will publish it in full. And so just when we’re about to go on vacation, here we are.  We’d love to know which very senior people from the 7th Floor forgot to bring their humor machine to Foggy Bottom.  But congrats to the State Department’s new overlords tasked with supporting the principles of a free press and free expression. It must be um … hard when every day feels like April Fools’ Day.


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  1. One hopes they were sent in the spirit of the day as a parody of thin skinned bureaucrats. Hope, not expectation.

  2. This is a stupid gesture by you. I’ll stop reading your posts…


    We’re having enough trouble living with contemporary WDC without you having us take in water below the line… grow up.