America First Parodies – 12 Countries, 63 Million Views #ThanksTrump

Posted: 2:14  pm  ET
Updated 3:12 pm ET
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The worldwide trend spoofing President Trump’s America First policy continues. Below is a round-up of the top most viewed parodies.    We’ve listed below the videos that top at least a million views on YouTube. We estimated that the 12 videos alone have approximately 63 million views as of this writing.  And it does not look like this trend is ending anytime soon.

The Netherlands Second  — 23,594,538 views

Switzerland Second — 11,217,297 views

Germany Second – 9,186,518 views

Denmark  Second – 5,390,941 views

Portugal Second — 4,042,847 views

Morocco Second – 1,702,004 views

Iran Second – 1,681,774 views

Croatia  Second  — 1,519,849 view

Austria Second  – 1,342,517 view

Luxembourg  Second — 1,305,935 views

Finland Second – 1,286,739 views

Australia Second  — 1,069,138 views


4 responses

  1. The list is even longer and even includes one country, Lithuania, that decided to jump past the “who is second” competition by running for third.

    Lithuania Third:

    Others not listed above vying for second include:

    Mexico Second:
    Luxembourg Second:
    Kazakhstan Second:
    Macedonia Second:
    Moldova Second(hand):

    …and in a category all its own:
    Mars Second:

  2. There is also one “America First, NAMIBIA Second” – worth adding, methinks, and not just because it was my all-around favorite FS posting. (There are still fingernail drag marks on the airport tarmac when they finally bundled me off after four years there …)