Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally For Secretary of State? Oh, Yes, Please! #dazzleandwow

Posted: 1:49 am ET
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The search for the next secretary of state is now a 10-man race. We’re left wondering if we’re going to see candidates from each state of the union soon?  Here are the ten candidates on the short long list:

And then there’s news that former Ford CEO Alan Mulally is also under consideration for this top job in the Trump Administration. We suspect that President-elect Trump will not pick a career diplomat for the top job at Foggy Bottom. Given all the names that we’ve heard so far, we think this one is actually quite exciting. There’s a lot to like with this candidate, and without the baggage that shadows the rest of the other names under consideration.

Below is a clip of Alan Mulally, former president and chief executive officer of the Ford Motor Company, discussing the turnaround effort at Ford, which took the automaker from an annual loss of $17 billion in 2006 to its most profitable period in more than a decade. Under Mulally,  Ford was the only major American car manufacturer to avoid a bailout fund provided by the government in 2009.  His accomplishments  at Ford are chronicled in the book, An American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company by Bryce G. Hoffman, published in 2012.  In the video below, Mulally explains that leadership means serving with courage, having a point of view about the future and to pursue it in the face of resistance and doubt, in service of something great.  Towards the end of the video, he talks about being grilled by Congress after the auto bailout; he was a witness even if his company did not take money from the government. Via Stanford Graduate School of Business from 2011.



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