Burn Bag: Consular Locally Employed Staff on LinkedIn? #VisaTroubles

Via Burn Bag:

“So, the Consular Section’s locally engaged employees are publicly identifying themselves as such on LinkedIn? Not a good idea.”

via imoviequotes.com

via imoviequotes.com

LES – Locally Employed Staff

FSNs – Foreign Service National employees


3 responses

  1. That’s nothing compared to the hundred of narcissistic FS blogs out there. What does it matter if the LE Staff have their jobs on LinkedIn? It’s a social networking site for job seekers and is essentially just an online resume. Good management controls should eliminate any concerns. I’d rather see LES on LinkedIn than some of the anti-Semitic vitriol I’ve seen on Facebook from LES in South Asia.

    Rant over.

  2. I am a LES corking in Cons, I am on LinkedIn, and I don’t see why I shouldn’t be? Apart from the occasional unsolicited question about visas (which I refer to the Embassy website) I don’t see any downsides to my LinkedIn presence.

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