Snapshot: State Department Workforce Composition By Employment Category – 2016

Posted: 12:13 am ET
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The State Department says that it employs a workforce of over 80,000 employees. The figure below shows the composition of the 2016 workforce by employment category. Total number of agency employees excluding contractors: 74,721 (FS: 13,948 includes Generalist – 8,196; Specialist – 5,752; Civil Service at 11,037) and Locally Employed Staff at 49,736 (includes Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs)and Personal Services Agreements/Contracts). We have not been able to locate a good number for contractors.

In April 2016, there were 11,861 adult family members overseas, of which 29% or 3,436 FS family members were employed by the USG at missions overseas.





2 responses

  1. The employees of third party contractors should not be included in these statistics. They are not legally or otherwise part of the Department’s workforce. They are employees of private sector companies.

    • State considers them part of its workforce. I think it’s actually important to see how much work is done by non-DH employees, because they are supposed to be only doing work that’s not “inherently governmental function.” I think there’s even one bureau that has more contractors than direct hire employees. They may not be direct employees, but they are doing real work inside State. What happens if there’s a problem with the contract and more than half the employees could not show up for work? Also, since we don’t have public data on State Dept contractors, we have no data on revolving doors. How many employees left and come back as contractors?