Burn Bag: Worst bidding season EVER — time to scratch the whole system and start over?

Via Burn Bag:

“Bidding never made much sense but this year seems so much worse it really seems time to scratch the whole system and start over.  After a training cycle, PSP cycle, DCM cycle, and all the back room deals, plus three different websites including FSBid and the SharePoint sites for EUR and everyone else ( what’s up with that?), it’s a wonder anyone who makes it to any assignment is actually qualified for it.  Has there ever been an OIG inspection on bidding?”



One response

  1. I’m not sure I understand the problem. The promotion lists were out earlier than I can ever remember, allowing people to bid realistically from the beginning. Having a separate and early training bid cycle makes sense, because in past years a large percentage of those selected for training had decided to accept regular bids. I agree that EUR using its own website is irritating, but at least everyone else uses the same one.

    Now, I wouldn’t oppose blowing the whole thing up anyway and starting from scratch, but I’d say this is the best bidding season I have seen in more than 20 years.