Where, Oh, Where Is Bryan Pagliano’s Outlook PST File?

Posted: 1:38 am ET
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Microsoft Outlook automatically stores messages, contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and journal entries in a personal storage folder, also known as a .pst file on the hard disk drive or  the information is probably being stored in a mailbox on an Exchange Server .  According to Microsoft:

To know how to back up your data if you use Outlook with a Microsoft Exchange Server, you have to know where the data is stored. The default delivery and storage location for Outlook data is the Exchange Server mailbox. The Exchange Server administrator usually handles backups of the mailboxes on the server. However, some Exchange Server administrators store Outlook data in a .pst file on your hard disk drive.

So, question is — who was the administrator who handled the backups for IRM folks?

Below via DPB of May 10, 2016:

QUESTION: Yesterday in its court submission, the RNC said that you guys had told them that you would not be producing any of Mr. Pagliano – any more, I guess, of Mr. Pagliano’s emails. Is that correct?

MS TRUDEAU: So thank you for that, because there’s been some unclear reporting on this. So the department has searched Mr. Pagliano’s email PST file and has not located one that covers the time period of Secretary Clinton’s tenure. The absence of this email file, however, does not indicate that the department has no emails sent or received by him. In fact, we have previously produced through FOIA and to Congress emails sent and received by Mr. Pagliano during Secretary Clinton’s tenure. Furthermore, at no point did the State Department convey to the RNC that we did not intend to produce responsive emails within our possession consistent with our obligations under the law.

QUESTION: Okay, but I mean, are you done? Have you given them everything that they are – should get that you have?

MS TRUDEAU: So we continue to take a look at it. We will produce files as we are required under the law.

QUESTION: Right, I understand that. But do you know at the moment if you have – if there are emails that you have found from that time period that have just not yet been turned over to —

MS TRUDEAU: So the department’s ongoing – conducting a thorough search. I don’t have details on that, but at no point did we say to the RNC that we would not produce.

In February this year, Cause of Action also asked Senator Grassley of the Judiciary Comittee  and Congressman Chaffetz of the House Oversight Committee “to examine the similar issues that have arisen in the context of former Secretary of State Clinton and her closest advisors’ activities in the State Department.”

  1. Why were federal employees communicating over email accounts belonging to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign committee long after the campaign had ended?
  2. Why did Ms. Mills remain in possession and use of a campaign Blackberry during her employment at the State Department and who paid for that device?
  3. Who continued to pay for the hillaryclinton.com email accounts being used by federal employees?
  4. What other email communications, potentially implicating official government business, did federal employees have using Clinton campaign email accounts, and have such email communications been recovered and saved to official government recordkeeping systems?
  5. What other ex-campaign staffers employed at the State Department or elsewhere in the government continued to use their Hillary Clinton campaign email accounts?
  6. Does the email exchange between Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Mills with the subject line “My candidacy” (attached as Ex. 3) implicate a violation of the Hatch Act, which prohibits government employees from using government time and resources to engage in political and campaign activities?

The emails cited in this letter are available to read here (PDF).