Whoa! Senate Passes @StateDept Operations Authorization and Embassy Security Act, FY2016

Posted: 5:06 pm PT
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Our source on the Hill says a lot of folks missed in the excitement of Roberta Jacobson’s confirmation that the Senate also voted on the FY2016 State Department authorization bill.  We were told that a lot of folks were surprised to see the FY16 bill revived this late (yours truly included) in the fiscal year but that it was wrapped up in the deal that resulted in Rubio lifting his hold on Jacobson.

We actually did look up the FY2016 bill last night on congress.gov but it did not show the latest action when we blogged about the authorization bills. In any case, yes, S.1635 – Department of State Operations Authorization and Embassy Security Act, Fiscal Year 2016 also passed the Senate with amendments by unanimous consent on April 28, 2016.  The topics under the related posts below remain in the FY2016 authorization bill. The FY2017 authorization bill that the SFRC passed yesterday is currently pending in the Senate.

Read below (please scroll) or click here from the Congressional Record.

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