S.1635: Title IV – Consular Authorities (FY2016)

Posted: 5:41 pm PT
Updated: May 3, 10:07 pm PT
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S.1635 Department of State Operations Authorization and Embassy Security Act, Fiscal Year 2016 passed the Senate by unanimous consent on April 28, 2016. (See Whoa! Senate Passes @StateDept Operations Authorization and Embassy Security Act, FY2016).  Below is Part 4 of 6 extracted from thomas.gov congress.gov for easier reading (oh, joy, the links timeout!). See below on what’s included but read the bill via congressional record in PDF or as TEXT here as alternative sources.

Sec. 401. Visa ineligibility for international child abductors.

Sec. 402. Presumption of immigrant intent for H and L visa classifications.

Sec. 403. Visa information sharing.



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