Senate Finally Confirms Roberta Jacobson as New Ambassador to Mexico

Posted:9:44 pm ET
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So the senator with some serious grrrrrr over the administration’s Cuba policy finally relented on President Obama’s ambassador pick for Mexico.  On April 28, Roberta Jacobson was confirmed by voice vote after a wait of almost a year.



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  1. Don’t know if anyone expects this bill to be adopted by the full Senate but lateral entry further undermines the concept and integrity if a career service and is a slap in the face of the mid level and entry level FSOs who came in via the exam process. Has AFSA opposed it? Has AFSA even informed its members? If so, I missed it.

    Have not read the details, but it is not a good sign.


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    • Haven’t heard anything about this until today. AFSA is severely deficient when it comes to communication, at least when the inquiry comes from this blog. Is it me? Do I smell? Teh-heh? They seem to have an incurable allergies to questions. As to whether this bill is expected to pass, I am guessing that like the previous bill this has a 30% chance of passing. Still, this has been a crazy election year, there’s something in the air, one never knows …