Video: US Ambassadors on #TheNew10 Dollar Bill, One Ambo Wants — OMG! Beyoncé

Posted: 3:13 pm ET
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This is a video posted on March 23 by the State Department’s DGHR with the following description: “Ambassadors from around the world gathered in Washington, D.C. on March 14 and 15, 2016. When asked whose picture they would like to see on a redesigned U.S. banknote.” Sounds fun enough, okay. But. Why? How is this useful to DGHR or the State Department? The video currently has 524 views on YouTube.

Anyone thought about cost versus return or is this one of those “the intern did it” stuff?



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  1. I agree the Beyoncé suggestion was frivolous but why not ask US Ambassadors their views on a topical issue and one that reflects a common concern for appropriately reflecting American diversity? My flip answer would be “dollar diplomacy!” but would on a more serious note also recall that among our duties is safeguarding the integrity of US currency. I once worked with the Secret Service on US dollar counterfeiting abroad.

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