Judicial Watch Submits Plan to Depose Top Ranking @StateDept Officials and 30 (b)(6) Witnesses

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On February 23, Judge Emmet Sullivan of the District Court of the District of Columbia granted Judicial Watch’s (JW) motion for discovery related to the use of the clintonemail.com system by the former secretary of state and at least one other former State Department employee. The case is Judicial Watch vs. U.S. Department of State (Civil Action No. 13-cv-1363 (EGS)). Court records indicate that that JW need to submit a Discovery Plan To Court and Counsel by 3/15/2016 (see Court Grants Request to Interview Clinton Aides and @StateDept Officials Under Oath Over Email Saga).

In its court filing of March 15, JW submitted its plan to seek testimony from the following former and current officials of the State Department. Names and descriptions are as listed by JW:

Stephen D. Mull (Executive Secretary of the State Department from June 2009 to October 2012 and suggested that Mrs. Clinton be issued a State Department BlackBerry, which would protect her identity and would also be subject to FOIA requests);

Lewis A. Lukens (Executive Director of the Executive Secretariat from 2008 to 2011 and emailed with Patrick Kennedy and Cheryl Smith about setting up a computer for Mrs. Clinton to check her clintonemail.com email account);

Patrick F. Kennedy (Under Secretary for Management since 2007 and the Secretary’s principal advisor on management issues, including technology and information services);

Donald R. Reid (Senior Coordinator for Security Infrastructure, Bureau of Diplomatic Security since 2003 and was involved in early discussions about Mrs. Clinton using her BlackBerry and other devices to conduct official State Department business);

30(b)(6) deposition(s) of Defendant [designated witness(es) for the State Department] regarding the processing of FOIA requests, including Plaintiff’s FOIA request, for emails of Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Abedin both during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State and after;

Cheryl D. Mills (Mrs. Clinton’s Chief of Staff throughout her four years as Secretary of State);

Huma Abedin (Mrs. Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff and a senior advisor to Mrs. Clinton throughout her four years as Secretary of State and also had an email account on clintonemail.com); and

Bryan Pagliano (State Department Schedule C employee who has been reported to have serviced and maintained the server that hosted the “clintonemail.com” system during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State).

And here’s one we won’t know possibly until after the judge’s expected ruling on April 15 — Judicial Watch also seeks testimony from 30 (b)(6) witness or witnesses who can provide testimony on behalf of the State Department on the following issues:

  • the creation or establishment of the clintonemail.com system as well as any maintenance, service, or support provided by the State Department of that system;
  • the knowledge or awareness of State Department officials and employees about the existence and use of the clintonemail.com system;
  • any instructions or directions given to State Department officials and employees about communicating with Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Abedin via email;
  • any inquiries into Mrs. Clinton’s use of the clintonemail.com system as well as any discussions about responding to such inquiries or publicly revealing the existence and use of the clintonemail.com system to the public; and
  • the inventorying or other accounting of Mrs. Clinton’s and Ms. Abedin’s email upon their departure from the State Department.

The (b)(6) is in reference to the FOIA exemption which protects information about individuals in “personnel and medical files and similar files” when the disclosure of such information “would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”

Judge Sullivan’s February 23 ruling required the State Department to respond by 4/5/2016.

The plan submitted to the court is available to read here (PDF).



Metro Shuts Down Wednesday, OPM Allows Telework/Unscheduled Leave #Metropocalypse

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CSIS Smart Women, Smart Power Event: A Conversation w/ America’s Ambassadors, 3/17 at 5pm

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The Center for Strategic and International Studies’ (CSIS) Smart Women, Smart Power Initiative panel discussion and question and answer session will reportedly feature 45 current and former U.S. ambassadors. They will explore issues contributing to global insecurity, mass migration, refugees, war and conflict in regional hotspots, as well as tensions in the South China Sea. The 90-minute event is at full capacity but will be available to watch online here.  If everyone gets to talk, they’ll have a couple minutes each!  The ambassadors listed as participants in the event are below:

Hon. Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley 
Former U.S. Ambassador to Malta

Hon. Cynthia Akuetteh  
U.S. Ambassador to Gabon

Hon. Pat Alsup 
U.S. Ambassador to Gambia

Hon. Mari Aponte 
Former U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador

Hon. Liliana Ayalde 
U.S. Ambassador to Brazil

Hon. Erica J. Barks-Ruggles 
U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda

Hon. Colleen Bell 
U.S. Ambassador to Hungary

Hon. Marcia Bernicat 
U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh

Hon. Piper Campbell 
Former U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia

Hon. Judith Cefkin 
U.S. Ambassador to Fiji

Hon. Maureen Cormack 
U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hon. Laura Dogu 
U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua

Hon. Kathleen Doherty
U.S. Ambassador to Cyprus

Hon. Catherine Ebert-Grey 
U.S. Ambassador to Papua New Guinea/Vanuatu/Soloman Islands

Hon. Julie Furuta-Toy 
U.S. Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea

Hon. Jennifer Zimdahl Galt 
U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia

Hon. Nina Hachigian 
U.S. Ambassador to ASEAN

Hon. Pamela Hamamoto 
Permanent Rep. of the U.S. to the U.N. and Other International Organizations in Geneva

Hon. Patricia Haslach 
U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia

Hon. G. Kathleen Hill 
U.S. Ambassador to Malta

Hon. Amy Hyatt 
U.S. Ambassador to Palau

Hon. Helen La Lime
U.S. Ambassador to Angola

Hon. Barbara Leaf  
U.S. Ambassador to the UAE

Hon. Dawn Liberi  
U.S. Ambassador to Burundi

Hon. Carmen Lomellin  
Former U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States

Hon. Deb Malac  
U.S. Ambassador to Uganda

Hon. Jean Manes 
U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador

Hon. Deborah McCarthy 
U.S. Ambassador to Lithuania

Hon. Crystal Nix-Hines 
U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO

Hon. Virginia Palmer 
U.S. Ambassador to Malawi

Hon. Lisa Peterson 
U.S. Ambassador to Swaziland

Hon. Eunice Reddick 
U.S. Ambassador to Niger

Hon. Marcie Ries  
Former U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria

Hon. Doria Rosen  
U.S. Ambassador to Micronesia

Hon. Dana Smith  
U.S. Ambassador to Qatar

Hon. Pamela Spratlen  
U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan

Hon. Karen Stanton 
U.S. Ambassador to Timor-Leste

Hon. Steph Sullivan  
U.S. Ambassador to Republic of Congo (Brazzaville)

Hon. Linda Taglialatela  
U.S. Ambassador to Barbados

Hon. Lucy Tamlyn  
U.S. Ambassador to Benin

Hon. Margaret Uyehara 
U.S. Ambassador to Montenegro

Hon. Shari Villarosa 
U.S. Ambassador to Mauritius/Seychelles

Hon. Alice Wells  
U.S. Ambassador to Jordan



@StateDept’s Special Envoy For Climate Change Todd Stern in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Photoshoot

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Great photo by Annie Leibovitz in Vanity Fair:

Todd D. Stern has been the Special Envoy for Climate Change at the State Department since January 2009.  His official bio says he plays a central role in developing the U.S. international policy on climate and is the President’s chief climate negotiator, representing the United States internationally at the ministerial level in all bilateral and multilateral negotiations regarding climate change.

The Day After Tomorrow is a 2004 climate science fiction disaster film by German film director Roland Emmerich who also directed  Independence day.