Whoa! Amazing Day, Now the Hardest Part – The Last 48 Hours

Posted: 2:23 am EDT
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What an awesome surprise to have folks turn up and rally to get us to the finish line!  The Go Diplopundit campaign went from 76% to 92% practically overnight! Somebody just wrote “almost there, you can’t quit now!”  Thanks for the encouragement and we’re not quitting yet.  The campaign is about $31K from 387 pledges as of this writing. Are we going to make it? That’s up to you.

GFM told us that the time that the campaign will end is not necessarily exactly on the hour, as it is based off the time the campaign was originally launched. To play it safe, we were advised to plan on the campaign ending at 12:00 AM on March 10th. So the next 48 hours will probably be the hardest part.  But perhaps something marvelous will happen, hey?

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Commencing countdown, engines on.  Here’s David Bowie’s Space Oddity from 1969 via Whirled Peace with vintage anti-special effects Enjoy! For Commander Chris Hadfield’s fantastic version on board the International Space Station, click here.