Photo of the Day: Shane Morris, Diplomatic Courier #InternationalWomensDay

Posted: 3:51 am EDT
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November 30, 2011:  Diplomatic Courier of the Year for 2011 Shane Morris, the first woman to receive such recognition, aboard a U.S. Air Force plane over Cairo, Egypt.

Screen Shot

Normal DS courier traffic in the Middle East was disrupted by civil unrest and terrorist activities in 2011.  When all air traffic to Yemen was cancelled due to fighting in the capital, Morris devised a replacement diplomatic courier mission for Embassy Sanaa aboard a military flight.  She was cited by the DS Bureau for having “pioneered classified deliveries throughout the Middle East and Persian Gulf from Frankfurt during a period of historic unrest.”  For this, Shane Morris was a finalist for the 2012 Service to America Medals awarded by the nonprofit group Partnership for Public Service.  She joined the Courier Service in 2007.  (Source:  U.S. Department of State)