Fundraising Update: Not Looking Great With 4 Days to Go — Sorry, There’s No Plan B

Posted: 2:09 pm EDT
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Our Go Diplopundit 2016 fundraising effort to keep the blog running for another 12 months is entering its last days. Our most dedicated readers have pushed the campaign to the 76% mark! You’re all awesome! We are, however, with five days to go, still facing a gap of about $8K or as they say in some quarters, about two Manolo Blahnik shoes! 😄 Despite the generous contributions of over 300 readers and the tireless efforts of some of the blog’s friends, the likelihood that we will not make it this year is upon us. We’re not going to give you false hope, because frankly, we’re not sure we’ll be able to bridge this gap in the next few days.  

Some of you have written asking about a Plan B. I’m sorry to say that there is no Plan B. If the GFM goal is not met by March 10, 2016, all pledges will be cancelled and no account will be charged.  Donations sent through PayPal will not be accepted and no charges will be made to the senders’ accounts on PayPal. The few who sent recurring monthly donations will also be advised to cancel their PayPal contributions.  We will continue blogging until March 31, after which the blog will no longer be updated. We will also start terminating the blog’s ancillary services after March 10. The blog will stay up for the rest of 2016 while arrangements will be made to conserve its archive.

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Thanks Jim!  Thanks @FSProblems! This, too! Thanks Sadie Abroad!

Here’s the CCR singing it’ll rain a sunny day when it’s over … which could happen next week, hey? — D