You know best whether our work is of value to you or not. If it is, and if your circumstances allow it, we could use your help to carry on for another year.  Our Go Diplopundit 2016 fundraising effort to keep the blog running for another 12 months is entering its last two weeks. We’ve made it over the halfway mark but with 14 days to go, we are still about 15K under our goal.  So not impossible to get to our goal but you know how it is.  It feels like the blog has been preparing to die for years and maybe this is the year when we’ll finally exhaust our nine lives.  We have half a dozen readers who made contributions through PayPal. We will not accept those contributions unless we know we’ll make it this year. Some of our dedicated readers have also made supplemental contributions to get us to the finish line, but even with our best efforts, the possibility that we may have to join Jeb! in suspending our campaign er, sorry, blogging, is real :-). Let’s see what happens in two weeks, okay? 
— DS

We could use your help to carry on for another year  😌  Real Life, the Way It Is – No Goggles and Plenty of Loose Ends  😉  Podium Cat Rolls Out Diplopundit’s GoFundMe 2016 Campaign

Thanks Jim!  Thanks @FSProblems! This, too! Thanks Sadie Abroad!