A NOTE TO OUR READERS: Our fundraising effort to keep the blog running for another 12 months is entering its last few weeks (Go Diplopundit 2016). We are cautiously optimistic but also realistic. We have more readers than ever before but the donation/ad revenue hybrid to fund the blog is difficult to sustain.  We will see through GFM II until March 10.  This is the year when we’re going to just let the river run as the song goes.  You know best whether our work is of value to you or not. If it is, and if your circumstances allow it, we could use your help to carry on for another year.

Thanks! — DS

We could use your help to carry on for another year  😌  Real Life, the Way It Is – No Goggles and Plenty of Loose Ends  😉  Podium Cat Rolls Out Diplopundit’s GoFundMe 2016 Campaign