Burn Bag: When you’re only worthy of 20 of the 40 home leave days earned

Via Burn Bag:

“If leadership at one bigass consular post decides that ELOs can take no more than 20 days of home leave and cannot leave the standard 30 days before/after the estimated departure date from post, does HR flinch? Is this enough critical mass for AFSA to respond to our inquiries? My spouse has served his 24 months in a danger pay post but is only worthy of 20 of the 40 home leave days he has earned.”




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  1. Good luck waiting on AFSA. Still waiting on “clarification” of Mission Mexico’s arbitrary 25-day HL max for outgoing personnel that’s also being applied to incoming.

  2. I fought this battle and lost. I had accumulated something like 120 days of home leave. When I came back from Bosnia I had no onward assignment and was looking. Found one in DRL but they needed to convert a position and it took time. I wanted to use unused HL but they would not allow more than 20 or 25. I later found out someone else had been authorized twice that much.

    Good thing for AFSA to look into.


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