DGHR’s Conversations on Leadership and Not Throwing People Under the Bus

Posted: 1:54 pm EDT
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The Director General of the Foreign Service Arnold Chacón has started a podcast series on Conversations on Leadership. The first one was with Ambassador Kristie Kenny, formerly the Ambassador to Thailand (12 minutes), and the second one with AF Assistant Secretary Linda Thomas Greenfield and DS Assistant Secretary Greg Starr (13 minutes).  The podcast starts with a telephone ringing,  a brief introduction by DGHR Chacon, then the conversation with senior leaders in the Department.

Since “you don’t have to have a title or a rank to be a leader,” perhaps, the next guests for these conversations should include midlevel and entry level officers and what they think of leadership and how it can be improved in the State Department.



2 responses

  1. These discussions are kind of funny . . . they occur in a context in which it is assumed either party has any idea what constitutes leadership. Listening to them, it is clear that the participants don’t have a good conceptual grasp of leadership and confuse it with many Department peculiarities.

    • I agree. They also bundled diversity with these already bite size conversations. Which makes me wonder if these conversations are real, meaning if they’re ongoing elsewhere within the organization, or if these conversations are for show/views only, and intended for outsiders.