Photo of the Day: Ambassador Mark Gilbert pitching a ball at the South Pole

Posted: 3:24 am EST
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Via US Embassy New Zealand/FB:

US Ambassador to New Zealand Mark Gilbert pitching a ball at the South Pole during a visit at the NSF’s McMurdo Station with Political Counselor Lian Von Wantoch.  According to the National Science Foundation, Americans have been studying the Antarctic and its interactions with the rest of the planet without interruption since 1956. These investigators and supporting personnel make up the U.S. Antarctic Program. The three U.S. year-round research stations are located on Ross Island (McMurdo Station), at the geographic South Pole (Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station), and on Anvers Island in the Antarctic Peninsula region (Palmer Station). Learn more about the Antarctic Program here: Division of Polar Programs – National Science Foundation

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  1. I’m retired from the FS and was working at McMurdo when the the Amb visited. There was no Town Hall with the 800 employees working there and what I heard and witnessed no to attempt to speak with anyone outside their little clique of visitors. Looks like a big “boondoggle” which is a common term used at McMurdo for wasting time and sighting in Antarctica on program money. So, the Amb fit in well for wasting thousands of tax payer dollars on a South Pole boondoggle for a baseball photo op. Shameful but standard for the DoS and the NSF U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP).