Papal Visit & Telework: And the @StateDept GO Has Reportedly Crashed Already #PopeInDC

Posted: 12:11 pm EDT
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Last week we’re told that State/IRM had advised all Bureaus that GO can only handle about 25% of State Department teleworkers.  Folks were reportedly told to plan to work in the office.

Apparently, it is expected that “traffic delays will be minor” compared to Foggy Bottom’s connectivity issues.

This week, most of DC’s feds have gone on telework schedule due to the popepocalypse.

And. It looks like today, the State Department’s remote access system has already crashed.  Hard.

General question not related to the papal visit … so what happens if something really bad happens? How will the State Department manage if only 25% of its employees are able to telework? How does this compare to the telework capacity of other federal agencies?


Here is the announcement posted online on system status, which does not indicate any mention of capacity issues:

SYSTEM STATUS as of 9/22/2015:
Please be advised due to higher than normal call volume, MRA Service Desk call hold and average wait times are 20 minutes and may be longer in some cases. If you have issues accessing GO, please reference our User Guides in the upper right hand corner of the screen. If you have any other concerns please call MRA at 202-647-2000 option 3 for support.

Customers using IE, Version 11 to log into Global OpenNet(GO) should click here for important instructions on how-to configure browser settings. If the link does not work, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Required System Setup
  2. System Setup for Windows 7 User Guide and
  3. go to page 18 for instructions.

ANNOUNCEMENT(S): Windows 10 GO Compatibility: The Windows 10 Operating System (OS) has been tested and confirmed to be compatible with Global OpenNet (GO). For customers using the Windows 10 OS, please reference the Windows 10 User Guide found here or by clicking the “Required System Setup” tab above.