Burn Bag: Gotta Get This Off My Chest Moment — “I hate serving as duty officer.”

Via Burn Bag:

“I have spent most of my adult life avoiding the crazy, the incompetent and the stupid.   But, once a year when I have the duty officer tour, they are funneled directly to me. I hate serving as duty officer.”


Via Foreign Service Problems: When you’re the duty officer and you get a call from an AmCit who is sure that the embassy has a helicopter and demands that you send said helicopter to pick them up from their hike because the AmCit is tired of hiking.


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  1. The Duty Officer is in essence a consular affairs duty. Occasionally there will be non-consular (i.e., HR, medical, host government official) overnight issues that come through the DO, but the operations center and desk officers know how to reach the Embassy Management team in the event of something requiring non-consular affairs. So why should non-consular coned officers and other agency officers have to pull duty? It’s a modern technological world and the need for a duty officer is simply overstated. Frankly given the requirement that most agencies are required to subscribe to certain ICASS services, if we have to have DOs, why can’t other agencies charge for the time their officers put in doing CA work?