US Embassy Tbilisi Warns of Severe Flooding, Escaped Zoo Animals

Posted: 3:26 pm  PDT
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On June 14, the U.S. Embassy in Georgia issued an emergency message warning U.S. citizens in Tbilisi of severe flooding as well as escaped zoo animals in the city:

U.S. Embassy Tbilisi informs U.S. citizens that flooding in Tbilisi last night caused significant damage, including several casualties. A number of zoo animals also escaped. Although some have been captured, others remain at large. There are numerous road closures around the city, including Heroes Square and parts of the river road. Residents should exercise caution and avoid affected areas, particularly those adjacent to the zoo.

The embassy also expressed sympathy for the casualties and readiness to assist the government:

The United States wishes to express its condolences to all those in Tbilisi who have suffered as a result of the devastating flooding over the past 24 hours. We mourn the loss of 12 lives. Ambassador Norland and Mayor Narmania spoke this afternoon. The Ambassador affirmed our readiness to assist the government and people as they mourn the dead, treat the injured, and assess the extensive losses and damage caused by this natural disaster.

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