Snapshot: State Department Diversity Statistics – Full-time Employees (as of 9/30/2013)

Posted: 2:01 pm EDT
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This report is over a year old but still an interesting look into the workforce of the State Department. Thanks A!

DOS Diversity Statistics (2013)

DOS Diversity Statistics (2013) | click for larger view


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3 responses

  1. The standard for ethnicity requests by the USG today is to have one question that asks about ethnicity (Hispanic or Latino; Not Hispanic or Latino) and then a second question asking about race (American Indian or Alaska Native; Black or African American; White; Asian; Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander). Respondents can choose only one ethnicity, but are able to choose multiple races. So regardless of if you find it offensive, in the world of USG across all agencies (and often by individual state-level agencies) this is how they collect such data and for once maybe, the State Department isn’t that much different.

  2. I see that the Department persists in using a classification no longer acceptable in academic cricles, i.e. race. And a whole special category for “Hispanics”? And what does that ethniticy mean – that you speak Spanish? Why should “a white” person who speaks Spanish have a different personnel classification than, for instance, a “white person” who speaks Russian? What about a “mixed race” person from Cape Verde who speaks Portuguese? This is appalling behavior and practice, intellectually dishonest and morally reprehensible. We are practicising racism while pursing our lips. Disgraceful.

    • I regret I don’t have an answer for you. Note that this is from 2013 but can’t say if the 2014/15 versions are any better. Will have those up if I ever get them in my mailbox.