Burn Bag: Is the State Department leadership aware of OBO losses …

Via Burn Bag:


Is the State Department leadership aware that there have been many losses of OBO [Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations] engineers in the last 18 months, leaving more than a 20% deficit (OBO words via email, not mine) in engineering staff, with more contemplating separation? Does it care?


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  1. Wow, KM. That sounds like a terrific idea. Enjoy feeling safe in your falling down embassies. It’s people like you that make people like us want to leave. Our family has recently quit OBO/State. We joined State because we wanted to serve. It definitely wasn’t for the money. We believe embassies and consulates should be safe for diplomats serving overseas. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be a concern for director Lydia Muniz. But hey, those overpriced buildings sure are pretty. Add to that, problems within the department and an extreme lack of planning which will have caused our children to attend three schools in three countries just this year alone.

  2. I know it’s TRUE, because I recently departed. Somewhere along the way OBO decided that Design Excellence meant more architecture and less engineering.