Insider Quote: Petty Little Beaver Plays Dirty in Humans of the Foreign Service

Posted: 6:53 am PDT
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“You are not in the Senior Foreign Service, and you never will be in the Senior Foreign Service, because somebody has told the Senate all about you!” 

— petty little beaver (who never left high school but now representing the United States of America) to person who refused to give job endorsement


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3 responses

  1. Sadly, this sort of petty meanness is too prevalent in our so-called “leadership” ranks.

    It might be enlightening to try to collect instances of “leaders” standing tall to take responsibility, or stand up for someone, or even just to tell the truth, in the spirit of Mark Twain’s comment that the most cowardly of all lies is the half-truth – something State seems to consider SOP for its public pronouncements.


  2. I still remember very, very clearly standing before the desk of someone who believed he was terribly important and who leaned back in his chair, steepled his fingertips, and said, “I just love looking in the face of a second-tour JO who has just killed her own career.” Sadly for him, I enjoyed a very full and satisfying career, finishing with what I had realized in the first six weeks of my first overseas tour was my ultimate dream job. YMMV, but not by much.