Quote: “I did email with her … I don’t remember exactly how it showed up.”

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“I did email with her from time to time and I don’t remember exactly how it showed up.”

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew


At a hearing at the House Financial Services Committee in Washington, on March 17, 2015 when asked by GOP lawmaker, Rep. Sean Duffy (R., Wis.), if he knew Mrs. Clinton was emailing on a private account.  Mr. Lew was the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources from January 28, 2009 – November 18, 2010 when the D/MR position was first established.



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  1. When did the OF-109 become mandatory for retiring employees? Retired nearly 15 years ago, don’t remember it – but there were a bunch of papers to sign, could not tell you all the names now!

  2. Somehow Lew’s answer is not as persuasive as one might hope. But maybe people live in different bubbles.

    Now on the latest wrinkle-flap over whether Hillary signed the OF-109, I wonder if that is yet another discipline applied only to career employees? Or what the reason would be for not having senior political officials subject to it? Maybe worth asking if D Lew and abides signed and whether our gaggle of Under Secretaries as well. Or is the entire “upper class” of non-career appointees exempt?

    Fox was making a big deal of this issue last night or this morning as I channel surfed. Citing another provision of the law that makes the willful not turning over records a far more serious matter.

    Then, who is in charge of the exit process? Presumably HR or A in the M tent.



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