Happy Birthday To Me, or Why I’m Thrilled To Be 2,556 Days Old

Posted: 11:11 pm PST
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I started this blog in Blogger (http://diplopundit.blogspot.com) exactly 2,556 days ago. I moved to http://diplopundit.net  on February 6, 2012. In blog years, I am officially old.

Yes, I’ve got stretch marks and all, and my eyes are growing bad, but I’m so thrilled to be here!

OneFSO, TwoFSO, and 373 blog angels made sure I made it to my 7th birthday.  FS blogs Diplo-DenizenSadieAbroad, @FS_ProblemsForeign Service Test, some affinity groups and pals on Twitter helped spread the word. Thank you all for helping save this one blog! Apologies if that sounds a tad dramatic but I would not be here now without the small village of people who care.

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I must confess that it feels good to be back! Did I realize that doing something else just wasn’t as much fun? Of course!

A bit of housekeeping —

The GoFundMe folks informed me late last week that they’ve officially moved the funds and I should have it sometime this week. I’ve been called a worrywart and I supposed I am. So  I am especially grateful that I can devote time and energy here with one less thing to worry about this year.

I also want to thank Eric S. for helping me cross the T’s, and Michelle for her patience and assistance in helping me dot the I’s (get better soon!). Many thanks to the fantastic Abi Daker (http://www.abigaildaker.com) for the panoramic line drawing we have on the banner.   Appreciation also to Lloyd of Embassy Risk Management, and Philip and Kalina of Silver City Mountain Resort, our two main sponsors here.

The blog has an updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  Please take a moment to check them out.

Finally, there’s a Diplopundit forum in the works. It needs a few more tweaks. Once ready, I will start sending out invitations to the blog’s supporters so you all can check it out and join if you want to.




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  1. Happy Birthday! I just heard on NPR that less than 10% of its listening audience support it financially.

    As to affinity groups, the on,y one that I contacted directly is the Foreign Affairs Friends of Animals network. I reached out to members of many other affinity groups but don’t know but more as individuals. I did target retirees and those in the DC area responded pretty well. Several made donations in the $500 to $1000 range.

    Nice idea to reflect the geographic regions in the banner.


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